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Getting FIT, one day at a time!

Height: 5'6

HW: 156
SW: 142

CW: 135.4

Ultimate Goal: Be strong, healthy and happy. Ooh yeah, and to have a banging body! ; )

So did anybody else gain weight this summer?

Burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, BEER, BEER AND MORE BEER. 

I live on the Cape and my weekends consist of going to the beach and indulging in yummy summertime food and drinking lots of beer.  I think the beer is the main culprit to my weight gain, that and my lack of exercise.  The last thing I want to do with the 3 months of nice weather we get here is to spend it in the gym.  I have been going for runs 3-4 times a week but it does not compare to my fall/winter/spring workouts.  I have only gained about 5 pounds but I am lacking the muscle definition that I had 2 months ago. 

Have any of you girls gained weight this summer?

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